Imam Mehdi Center

Muharram 1442 [August 2020]


Salaam Alaykum!   The Board of Directors have made the following decisions regarding the Muharram 1442 program:


Unanimous decision to close center for:

  •      Amaals
  •      Majlises
  •     Dua Kumayl

·Virtual programs

  • will send link to for those who want to livestream events from Idara-e-Jaferia.  Programs will be in both English and Urdu

·Will keep an eye out for updates from VA governor to determine when IMC doors will reopen and programs will reconvene.

Membership Fees decision:

      ·  Membership fees will not need to be collected this year

       ·  Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

To donate, please mail your check or money order payable to IMC: 

2035 Shallow Well Road, Manakin Sabot, VA 23103.


***If anyone is in need of assistance or resources, please feel free to contact 804-335-9820***


Stay Healthy & Safe,